Mac OS 10.5

It seems that Apple has finally announced it. Less than 10 days before it is to go on sale here in Korea, assuming it will be available on Korea October 26th. The Korean website claims it will be released on the 26th, but that doesn’t mean Apple stores will have it that day. Not to mention when I looked through the terms and conditions in Korean for the Korean Apple store, a lot of items specific to the USA were translated, but there were gaps in the information relevant to Korean purchasers.

Knowing that the new aluminum keyboard introduced with the iMacs back in August is only showing up here now, it may be awhile before I can buy a Mac in Korea with 10.5 preinstalled. Furthermore, while Apple used to provide updates to the most current version of Mac OS for free with new Macs, they are charging USD9.95 plus tax for 10.5. In Korea, 10,000 won.

At least that brings me a little closer to the purchase of a new Mac.


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