Picky eaters inherit their pickiness

According to this New York Times article, children that are picky about what they eat take it from their parents. The article goes on to mention that secretly hiding fruits and vegetables in food doesn’t do any good because it doesn’t teach children that those foods are good for you. In fact, it could backfire if the children distrust you after finding out you have added items into their food.

Even though the article says the behaviour is genetic, it would seem that it could be learnt. I don’t think I’ve seen anybody in Hainan that did not like fruit. With the clean air, they are probably the healthiest people in China. I can’t say I ever saw a fat Hainanese person in Hainan. If children only had fruits and vegetables to choose from, it seems like their pickiness would eventually fade away. I’d think they would rather eat the fruits than starve to death.

I also find it hard to believe child could deny certain fruits are delicious, such as mango.


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