Unexpected banquet

Most of the staffs in my school will be going to Hong Kong tomorrow for a three day trip. In addition to the special school holiday, there was also a banquet today. I only found out about it 20 minutes before it occurred. My co-teacher said I had to go. As the token westerner, I had to ask the question "Why?"

The co-teacher then said "You WILL GO."

The principal (a woman in this case) handed out glasses and poured some liquor she had been fermenting for the last three years. Then we got to eat a large amount of food, including a table with pineapple, honeydew, grape, and pear fruits. Not bad for something I was forced to go to. It also gave me a chance to give advice about where people should go on their trip to Hong Kong (having been there many more times than anybody else in the school).

I have definitely lucked out with vegetarian food at school this week. Yesterday’s lunch was completely vegetarian. Not surprisingly, a lot of teachers felt better today (a cold had been making the rounds).

It has reminded me that perhaps I’d like to do a colonic irrigation holiday during my time off, since I have never experienced one of those, and my insides could probably use a good cleaning after the accumulation of junk in my system over the past few years.


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