By greenteapanda

September 29, 2007

Category: Hobbies

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Today, I climbed Jokduribong. It is a peak near Bulgwang station (intersection of line 6 loop and line 3, for a partial Seoul subway map in English, click here). I went with a Korean friend and some of his coworkers. While there was little English spoken with his coworkers, it was a good opportunity to get beautiful views of the Han River (a river dividing the north of Seoul from the south of Seoul).

Although we had a kind of lunch on top of the peak, we ended up going to a sushi restaurant after. I suppose I should call it Korean High Tea, since we had more food there than we did at the lunch before. We drank from teapots, teapots filled with green tea mixed with soju. Unlike Japanese sushi, there were a lot of chili peppers and various chili pastes to eat with the sushi. No water to wash it down. After I thought food service was finally done, the waitresses in the restaurant brought out Three hot pot plates to fill up on even more Korean food.

Needless to say, I did not eat dinner. Still too full. In any case, I went to my friend’s flat after that, and we played two games of Go. Unlike every other competitor I’ve had in the past, he was formidable. He used to be a ranking professional. I was glad that I now have a reason to study more Go strategy.


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