COEX Aquarium

By greenteapanda

September 27, 2007

Category: Travel

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During the Chuseok period, I knew that a lot of places would likely be closed for the holiday. However, according to an article in the Korea Times, one of the places that would be open was the COEX mall.

The COEX mall has a little bit of everything, including two different Apple stores. I went there partly for that reason, to test the current Mac Mini and see if those could playback 1080p video. On an ancient 1.66GHz model, the Mac Mini dropped frames, but worked in general. A newer 1.83GHz model froze, making me recall the days of Mac OS 7.5.3.  Guess Mac OS X really was not designed for integrated video – not the current 10.4.10 system, anyway. Both systems were low on RAM, so perhaps I will just have to take a chance when I have enough money to buy a new Mac. Perhaps Mac OS 10.5 will be a lot more stable on Intel Mac computers.

Anyhow, I also went to see the Aquarium in the COEX mall. It claims that it is the best in Korea, though I say hands down the Busan Aquarium is far better in every imaginable way. That includes the people inside. Some apparently professional photographers tried to block people from taking pictures of the Lagoon Jellyfish. I shoved one of them out of the way and took some photos there for myself.

Maybe they were annoyed that foreigners got a 30% discount off the regular price, while Koreans had to pay full price. Quite the opposite of most tourist attraction pricing schemes.

I’ll just consider the discount as justice for bumping/brushing my head in many places. The ceiling was no more than 1.8m tall in quite a few sections. Worth 15,000 won for regular price? I wouldn’t say so, but at least it was an excuse to check out the most recent Apple products.


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