Online once again


The good news: I can go online without bootlegging somebody’s wireless connection.

I was hoping to get an FTTH connection in my apartment, since I had read that Korea would have FTTH available to every household by this year. That did not actually materialise though, since the fastest connection to my apartment ended up being a cable connection. Granted, it is supposed to be a 50Mbps connection, but that is only half the speed of the connection I had in Japan back in 2002, and only for downloads at that. FTTH has the same upload and download speeds, at least when it is done right. When I tried testing the speed of my connection right after installation, I had 28Mbps download and 6Mbps upload.

I am hopeful for the future – my cable modem has a gigabit ethernet port on it. There would be no reason to put extra hardware into the cable modem for that unless the network itself will be upgraded in the future. An upgrade seems to be a possibility – I have seen news reports of Korea testing cable modems that go faster than 100Mbps.


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