Differences in Taste

By greenteapanda

September 20, 2007

Category: Food and drink


My co-teacher at school told the principal that I was hungry sometimes in the afternoon, so the principal bought some dok (Korean rice cake). In order for this dok to last, it was put into the freezer of the common fridge.

The first time I ate the dok, I simply removed one portion (without heating it) and began to eat it.

"NO!!! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!" said my co-teacher. "It tastes so much better if you heat it."

My co-teacher was pretty insistent about it, so I allowed her to heat the dok in the microwave. After which I came to the same conclusion I had before I tried it – it tastes the same frozen. The dok is definitely softer and stickier when it is warm, but I don’t notice any difference in flavour. Furthermore, if I want to extend the effectiveness of the dok, I might as well eat it frozen, because that forces me to eat it much more slowly.

My co-teacher is now convinced I do not have taste buds. This, even though I said the flavour was the same, not that it did not have flavour.


2 Responses to “Differences in Taste”

  1. I bet your tastebuds are in good working order. Implying your taste buds are "defective" only because you do not agree with convention is just plain mean. But it is nice nonetheless of the principal to bring you food!

  2. An architect I know curries favor with the planning office at city hall, by bringing the administrators Dunkin Donuts. And it seems to work well for him. A little kindness in exchange for work seems like a fair trade. 🙂

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