Bus speeds

By greenteapanda

September 16, 2007

Category: Transportation


It has been raining all weekend, but even in the absence of rain, I have found that long distance buses usually arrive late in South Korea. I just got back on a five and a half hour bus ride. The high speed train takes about an hour and a half to cover the same distance, and normal trains a little over 3 hours.

While buses do get a special lane (the blue lane) on South Korean highways, they are not separated from other traffic. Sometimes other traffic comes into the lane, and sometimes a bus trying to get across the other stopped traffic lanes ends up blocking the bus traffic in the dedicated lane.

A lot of people have recommended I take long distance buses to get around South Korea over the upcoming Chuseok holiday (Korean Thanksgiving), but I think it will be better to stay within the confines of the Seoul subway/rail system. It is quite extensive and covers several nearby mountains. Besides, it will be cheaper, good for me while I pay off my debts accumulated over the summer.


2 Responses to “Bus speeds”

  1. That\’s new and different—dedicated bus lanes.

  2. Not too different from the diamond lanes in the USA… the rule is apparently 8 or more people in a vehicle here, so it effectively shuts out any normal passenger vehicle on the roads here.

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