By greenteapanda

September 15, 2007

Category: Travel

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I am currently in Gyeongju, and am enjoying my time here. However, the hotel I am staying at (which shall remain unnamed) is quite stingy in a certain way. Besides the usual things that get charged from the minibar, there were also charges for a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and rinse. I was warned ahead of time to bring toiletries (which I did), but I was still not very impressed.

My room (not paid for by me) had a rack rate of 180,000 won. That would be around 200USD for a room, and they don’t even give you complimentary shampoo. It can’t be an environmental thing – some very cheap hotels I have been to have a refillable dispenser where the maid puts in more shampoo and/or liquid soap as needed.

No Internet access in the hotel either, which is a pretty standard thing to have in South Korea. So this is being posted from my bootleg wireless connection at home after the fact.


One Response to “Stinginess”

  1. Seems like they are trying to turn over a large profit, at the expense of travellers. Everyone assumes travellers are loaded.At least you were aware of what they were charging you for what things…I\’ve heard of people having a meal in places like Morocco, where prices are intentionally kept ambiguous. One person was telling me about having a meal there and subsequently being charged absurd prices (like $300 for a simple meal…and this is not a meal like going to Nobu in NYC or some other place, where the price may be justified). And the police will, of course, be in on the scam, so either the person pays or does some hard time…a rude situation to be in, to say the least!

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