Alarm Clock

By greenteapanda

September 14, 2007

Category: Living

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Ever since I got to Korea, I have been using my old phone from China to wake me up on days I needed to have an alarm clock. The UI was logical, it was quick to set up (since I made it one of the two programmable buttons on the main screen), and it worked unless the battery went dead. It went dead often, I assume because the phone switched to analog mode to try and find a network to work on.

I woke up well before my alarm clock today, which happened to be a good thing, since my old phone’s battery went dead. I figured I’d use the extra time to translate the menus on the phone and find out where the alarm clock/timer/wake up call function was. I did try to cheat before and look at the Japanese menu in the AU manual for the phone, but the menu setup was different. Likewise for the Verizon version of the phone offered in the USA.

So, where did I find the Alarm Clock on my phone? Not in the settings menu. Not in the sound menu. The Alarm Clock, along with all time-related things were in a menu called "Organizer," which has a PDA as its icon. And no, things related to making messages or appointments did not qualify for the first position in the Organizer menu. The first item in that menu is the compass (so I can figure out which way is north when making appointment records). That doesn’t seem logical to have in the Organizer menu, and furthermore it is redundant, since the compass has its own button on the side of the phone. The Alarm Clock was the third item in the menu. I didn’t bother to figure out which items in the menu, if any, were relevant to making appointment records.

In any case, the fact the menus lacked any visual cues forced me to look at the dictionary. I now know the setting to wake me up everyday, Monday through Friday, and Monday through Saturday (which is often a workday in Korea). I know what morning is, and what afternoon is. I also know the word to delete items. The phone is serving its purpose for helping me learn Korean, that is for sure.


One Response to “Alarm Clock”

  1. It is handy to carry an English-X and/or X-English dictionary; I would imagine even more critical for you. Casio makes those hand-held electronic ones that are fun to use, but I imagine the good ones that I am interested in would be sold in Akihabara.

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