More ways to sell

By greenteapanda

September 9, 2007

Category: Shopping


In China, I got very used to vendors selling things everywhere and anywhere. At the end of a pier not close to any large towns in Hainan? Check. Jutting out into the main street, obstructing traffic? Check (and even the police were looking at buying some of those items).

However, there are at least two ways of selling things I have seen in South Korea that I haven’t seen in China.

Method number 1: A man with a random product walks through subway cars, hocking something that most people in the car already have, and had no intention of buying on the subway. For example, there are sellers that sell things like boxes of 100 Band-Aids on the subway. The goods are useful, but in many cases, one is probably better off buying those goods at the pharmacy or local store. Yet these sellers are very successful…

Method number 2: A man with some sort of product (usually food) stands between lanes of traffic on the expressway. Not at an island at a toll gate, and not near a stoplight where the traffic would be stopped and perhaps interested in what the seller has to offer while waiting for the light to turn green. I haven’t seen these sellers sell anything, but I guess they are successful, since I have seen them multiple times. Including yesterday…


3 Responses to “More ways to sell”

  1. I saw a seller on the 1 train in Manhattan trying to sell something of questionable use: a plastic holder for metrocard. It seems like it might be useful to sell those on the subway, but it was $1, too expensive for my blood.Then, in Newark, there are countless people selling newspapers and bottled waters, literally on the street.

  2. But in the middle of moving traffic, at highway speeds? Seriously doubt it. Especially since such people would get hit by motorbikes illegally driving between the sides of cars.Wouldn\’t a wallet be the most appropriate place for a Metrocard? I suppose I\’d like one that would work with RFID, though the ever increasing use of those causes other problems. If you have two or more cards in your wallet, the reader fails to register the one you want to use.

  3. They are likely to be at the on- and off- ramps to highways, but not on the highway itself. That\’s something new.RFID sounds cool. I don\’t get the "Smart cards" for the trains here because they charge extra for the "privelege" of having a smart card. Though, for paying highway tolls, it is more convenient to use the RFID lanes instead of the toll booths; the speed on those is still not 55mph, it is 25 mph, though they keep steadily increasing the speed one can go on it.

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