Bananas are really fruit?

I had a random thought today – about fruits and vegetables. A lot of people say that tomatoes and cucumbers are vegetables, but they have seeds, so they are really fruit. I can think of several different so-called vegetables like that. My thought today was about bananas and other similar plantains. After all, lots of people say that bananas are fruit. But I have never, ever seen a banana seed. Not even in Hainan, where they grow tonnes of bananas.

This site claims that the banana used to have seeds, and so it should be considered as a fruit. I can see that argument, especially since there are many "seedless" varieties of other fruits today like grapes, oranges, tangerines, etc. Some of the entries actually support the idea that a fruit can be a growth from a plant without a seed, but if I were to follow that definition, then I could say anything that is a vegetable is also a fruit.

After all, if bananas are reproduced by plunking banana shavings into the ground these days, how is that different than an onion? I was going to say the banana was no different than a carrot, but it turns out that carrots are fruit. They have seeds. The seed part just happens to be on the above-ground part of the plant, not the root that gets eaten.


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