Heal the world with Panda.

By greenteapanda

September 7, 2007

Category: Animals

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A little timewaster when you are worn out, Sloganizer.net. Just put in a word or words, and it makes a slogan for you. I had it make a few with Panda:

  • Panda is rolling, the others are stoned.
  • Pure Panda. Pure Power.
  • Break through with Panda.
  • Worldclass Panda!
  • I trust Panda.
  • I want Panda and I want it now.
  • Panda is a female force.
  • You can’t beat Panda.
  • Swing your Panda.
  • Panda is a never ending story.
  • Panda… whatever you want.
  • Play Panda, start living.
  • Panda’s got it all!
  • Heal the world with Panda.
  • Think. Feel. Panda.
  • Firstclass Panda!
  • Panda – a class of it’s own
  • Panda is your safe place in an unsafe world!
  • Make yourself at home with Panda.
  • Panda groove.
  • Panda, the original.
  • The Future of Panda.
  • Panda, the freshmaker.
  • Panda is my world.
  • Panda – once you have it, you love it.
  • Make the world a better place with Panda.
  • Panda, in touch with tomorrow.
  • Good to know Panda.

One Response to “Heal the world with Panda.”

  1. Very cute!

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