Power Outage

By greenteapanda

September 6, 2007

Category: Education

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In my lesson plan form, which I haven’t modified much since I did my teacher-training course, I happen to have a provision about what to do in the case of a power outage. That was partly prompted by my time in China, but I did not seriously expect it to happen in Korea. I found out the lesson I was planning for was actually to begin 30 minutes earlier than I had planned for, but the real kicker was 12 minutes before the lesson. The power to the school went out. This surprised the teacher – apparently this is a very rare occurrence.

With 20 students, especially the rambunctious group I have, laptop speakers do not have enough output so that they can hear above other students’ speech. But even with my nearly dead battery, I was able to cover the most important parts of the lesson. It also came in handy that I had saved some files off the Internet, since even when the power did come back on near the end of class, access to the Internet did not come back with it.

The lesson was successful in the end, but it still seems like I will have to heed my own brainstorms regarding what could go wrong during the lesson more seriously. I should be thankful that the power went out long enough before the lesson that I had time to write important sections of the lesson onto the blackboard.


Also strange to me, but not to my Korean co-teacher, was the appearance of three sharply-dressed men in black, in ties, inside the school. They were not school administrators. Nor were they parents. They were credit card salespeople. Apparently there isn’t anything that the school can do to bar them from entering the school. That would never happen where I am from… if it did, the police would appear quickly to arrest them.


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