The Free Alternative

My first paycheck will only go to pay off debt and continue getting settled in here. That and my dislike of paying for Microsoft software mean I use A more featured version, StarOffice, is offered as part of the Google Pack. So far, so good.

The problem is, I have to do a PowerPoint presentation for class tomorrow. I will not use it to bore the students, but it is the means with which to show pictures (there is a big screen TV in every classroom hooked up to the teacher’s PC). I want to get the students asking questions, but I have been unable to animate the text as I can easily do in the actual MS PowerPoint program. I can play back PowerPoint files with that effect, but I can’t copy it or change the text to bend it to my will. The way I have worked around it is to duplicate the slides I will be using, and then modify the text in each one.

While it is true that PowerPoint is installed on the computers at school, and I have significant amounts of prep time, those copies are in Korean. My Korean will take awhile to get to a point where I can read the menus functionally in Korean. Even with programs in Chinese, I have difficulties figuring out all the functions without trying them out.


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