My new home in Seoul

By greenteapanda

August 31, 2007

Category: Living

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I thought I would be given something like an "officetel" (a small, one room apartment where everything is organized very compactly. However, my new apartment (paid for by my school), is extremely close to where I live, has a nice view of Seoul, and is fairly large. It also is not on the 4th floor, which seems to be a favourite place for foreigners in China to be put (Chinese don’t want to live on the 4th floor since ‘4’ is a hononym with ‘death’ in Chinese).

A few pleasant surprises about this apartment:

  • I have a stove, so I could make cake and other items if I’d like
  • 10kg-capacity washing machine. If this were Hainan, that would last me two weeks if I did full loads of laundry.
  • Two walk-in closets for my clothes.
  • There are three sets of windows, presumably for awesome insulation in the winter.
  • My toilet has a heated seat, bidet function, drying function, and a function that cleans the behind after doing business.
  • I am next door to my workplace, and my apartment has an awesome view of the Seoul skyline.
  • Air conditioner.

Typical things in what I have seen of Korean apartments, and that I like:

  • A toilet that flushes twice (the second one is a miniflush that seems to get rid of whatever was missed on the first try).
  • Turning on the water heater also turns on the heat in the floor. Makes it a sauna during the summer now, but should be very comfortable in the winter!
  • A little TV monitor so I can see visitors to the apartment.
  • A firm bed.

I happen to be able to pick up a very weak wireless signal from my apartment, not good enough to upload pictures, but enough to get my email.


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