The Wonderful World of Korean Food

By greenteapanda

August 27, 2007

Category: Food and drink


As part of teacher training, the group here got a visit from the Korean tourist board. They had a hilarious video, The Wonderful World of Korea Food. I was cracking up much of the time, as many of my fellow teacher recruits. You’ll just have to watch and listen to the narration voice to find out why.

It is quite informative, but I hope the Korean Tourist Board representative had some idea why we were laughing so hard. Such as the scene around 3:13 into the video.


2 Responses to “The Wonderful World of Korean Food”

  1. First funny point – the opening statement is arrogantly illogical: "IT, the World Cup, etc. would not have been possible without Korean food." I do not see a relationship between the two…though most of advertising depend on arguments with huge gaps in between so that the viewer will attempt to fill those gaps herself. 3:13 is hilarious, and the practiced, serious newscaster voice is also hilarious.

  2.  It is more like a Hollywood Action Movie Trailer voice! But furthermore, things like the food pleasing "the five senses." This must be some super-amazing dessert if you can hear it!

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