The last meal coupon

Not being particularly hungry at Narita airport, I did not use my last meal voucher from the airline while I was there. The only stipulation listed was that it had to be used within 24 hours of being received. I thought that should not be a problem – I would just use it when I arrived in Korea.

That turned out not to be so simple. The first place I went to, a Korean noodle shop, did not have any staffs that could read English. They saw my luggage and assumed I wanted to take the airport train. That took me to the basement level. I then found out the airline offices are actually on the second floor. Northwest’s office was in a different building. I went there, took care of some frequent flier mile business, and asked them about the coupon. They said it could be used in KFC, but I did not want any of that. I didn’t see a KFC in the airport either. So they wrote a Korean translation and gave the phone number of the office so the restaurants could call them.

The Korean noodle place said they did not have any arrangement with Northwest to honour the coupon. I then went to McDonald’s, remembering the awesome "Vege Wrap"s that I had back in 2005. McDonald’s said that location did not accept the coupons. They said I should go to the third floor (departures) to use the coupon.

The third floor had a smoothie place that seemed interesting, so I tried to use the coupon there. They said they didn’t accept the coupon either, so they asked the Northwest office on the phone which restaurants would accept the coupon. They said I could go to Burger King.

Unlike the Burger King restaurants in the USA, there was no specific vegetarian burger on the menu. So my order was for a "Whoppa minus meato". I ordered a set, but they pointed out there was still value available within the 10USD limit on the voucher. They encouraged me to order more (no doubt to get some more money themselves from Northwest). I got ice cream as well. That came with a piece of paper, that when bent, becomes a kind of spoon. I only ordered one, but the receipt seemed to have another type of ice cream on the same receipt.

More profit for them. Less profit for Northwest. Though going by the cost per passenger mile, Northwest still made money on me even after the cost of the Hotel, meals, extra frequent flier miles, etc because of the higher prices charged over the summer. I assume that the business class tickets on Korean did not cost much, since they are both SkyTeam airlines. They probably have some agreement. But their profit could have been higher though…


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