Towing away the delivery man

While I was at the MoMA a few days ago, I had something that competed with the art for attention:

Outside, the FedEx truck was about to be towed. The FedEx guy and the policeman disagreed for quite awhile – at least 3 hours by my watch. Eventually the FedEx guy was allowed to go on his way (probably after paying fines and the like), only to be replaced in the same spot by a UPS truck. Incidentally, though the police were still around, they did not attempt to tow the UPS truck.

Maybe the NYPD and UPS have an agreement. I imagine that UPS saves on labour costs by doing a sloppy job with packages, maybe even sells tickets to people that want to destroy packages or at least what is inside. They then give a cut of that savings to the NYPD.

Of course, I am biased – nearly all of my packages shipped by UPS have been damaged in some way. FedEx Ground damaged one, back in 1999. My recent packages sent by DHL all had no problems whatsoever, but a DHL truck did not happen to park in the semi-legal* spot opposite the MoMA when I happened to be there.

*The sign said commercial vehicles could park in that place for up to 3 hours. All other vehicles were prohibited. But the FedEx person most definitely was not in the space for three hours, since it was not in the space when I got to MoMA, and was being towed within an hour of my arrival.


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