Summer of Love

By greenteapanda

August 17, 2007

Category: Books

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Yesterday I went to the Whitney Museum’s Summer of Love exhibition. It is apparently quite popular, since even on a Wednesday morning, there was a line over a block long waiting to pay for tickets and go inside. The line itself was a mixed blessing. If I am not pressed for time, I don’t mind if the line is long or slow (particularly if I have friends, reading, or study material to interact with during the wait).

The reason it was a mixed blessing actually had to do with a survey I filled out. The survey was one sheet of paper, double sided. The questions were multiple choice or yes/no. In return for filling out the survey (which took me about a minute), I got a free book. A free coffee table book called Frames of Reference: Looking at American Art, 1900-1950. The book itself is quite informative – there is quite a bit of depth detailing how the Whitney Museum came into being in the first place.

On the downside, I am about to take the plane, and this book’s mass seems around 2kg. While I did remove some books from my luggage in New York (returned to friends), I have now refilled that space in my carry-on luggage. It also doesn’t have many FSA (Farm Security Administration) photographs. If you remember my trip to Amsterdam last year, I saw a whole exhibition on those, and was extremely impressed by the quality of photography.

In any case, I can be thankful that it was not a 60s era psychedelic book I got, since the last coffee table book I bought is both psychedelic and has pandas in it (though none of the panda pages are depicted in samples on the publisher website). At least with a completely different set of art, I don’t feel so bad about it taking up space in my carry-on.


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