Coney Island

By greenteapanda

August 14, 2007

Category: Entertainment

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Most of the roller coasters I’ve been on have either been very modern or very slow. It has something to do with liability issues. In China, it might have to do with people not having stomachs that can handle the high-speed coasters. In any case, today was the first day I had an opportunity to go to Coney Island.

It reminded me a lot of the county fairs I had been to, though overall it seemed smaller and quite a bit more expensive. I suppose this is New York.

I decided to ride on the Cyclone ride, which is the largest wooden coaster at Coney Island. The first time, it threw me around. But I was in the middle. When they offered to let me go again for only USD3, I took them up on the offer. I sat in the very rearmost seat. As I did, they said "I hope you have a good chiropractor!"

I know of a few, but not in New York. It is good advice too, since I really got thrown around. My friends decided to sit ahead of me, so they squashed themselves into one bench (ensuring they would not have any large lateral movement). The safety bar does not come down all the way, so I had both a lot of lateral and up-and-down movement available.  After going on it, I was surprised they don’t have neck braces for people that go in that seat. Lots of fun, but for a lot of people, I’d imagine they’ll have a severe case of whiplash getting off.

After the ride, I relaxed by strolling down the boardwalk toward Brighton Beach.


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