Sleeping well

When I was a younger panda, I loved sleeping on very firm surfaces. That would mainly include the bed top and the pillows. My latest stay in China was near-perfect along those metrics: a bed so firm I put a comforter on top of it to give it some padding for sitting, and pillows that were so dense that they would never lose their shape. Sometimes I slept well, but often I did not.

Last night, I slept with new sheets and pillows I purchased on this trip (since I am staying in a sublet here, not in a hotel). The pillows are very soft down types, and the bed is supportive, but not floor-hard like I had in China. I have woken up very refreshed, unlike I did when I was in China.

Or maybe it is just being in New York, getting lots of walking in my daily routine as I go from place to place…


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