By greenteapanda

August 10, 2007

Category: Travel

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Yesterday I flew JetBlue in the USA, for my first time. I was quite surprised by the service, since it probably works out to one of the cheapest flights I’ve had across the country. When I got on the plane, I sat down in my assigned window seat. However, it turned out that another woman had chosen a window seat. Somehow the computer system assigned that woman along with another person the same seat.

The woman was adamant about getting a window seat because she was to be in a wedding the next day, and she needed the rest. Maybe because there was an empty middle seat next to me, they asked me if I would give up my seat for a $50 voucher toward future travel. I was tired myself, and a bit slow, so then they bumped it up to $75. I was then in the middle seat. But there was one more problem – the DirecTV system on the seatbacks in our row did not work. So then I apparently got another voucher for that. I would have to book a ticket to see it, since JetBlue is mostly paperless.

I really didn’t care about the seat or the lack of TV, since I wanted to sleep myself. I had another flight on them in the morning, and that one had no problems with the DirecTV system. It was then I got the strange news New York had a tornado two days ago. Good service on an American airline, and a tornado in New York. I didn’t expect either…


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