The new iMac

From the Apple press conference today: "The difference is we don’t offer stripped down, lousy products. If you move those aside and compare us to our competitors, we compare favourably."

Apparently putting in crappy 6-bit glossy displays in most products are good? I was considering buying one of the new iMacs. But with that glossy screen, that won’t happen. Especially since it appears all Apple did was change the enclosure from white plastic to metal on the front, white plastic to black plastic on the back, and put a black border around the screen to take people’s eyes away from the fact it still has the ugly, non functional chin in front. I do admit the 24" model may have an 8-bit display (because it has a 178° viewing angle), but it is still glossy, and apparently not LED backlit either.

Not to mention the super high prices for memory and hard disk upgrades. It still can’t hook up to a 30" external display like the MacBook Pro can. Looks like I will buy a MacBook Pro once they roll out 10.5 and I can get that preinstalled.

The new keyboard looks cool, but I am somewhat concerned about key travel if it is being used as a desktop keyboard. If it works, I might just get that along with a Logitech G5 mouse to make a desktop out of the MacBook Pro.


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