Asian Language Input

By greenteapanda

August 7, 2007

Category: Education

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I have lived in Japan and China. Living in those places, Japanese input was not hard, since I could enter it phonetically using English sounds. Same with Chinese, since the pinyin is pretty close to English.

However, with Korean, it does not seem like I have such an option. I will actually need to teach myself the Korean keyboard. All the consonants on one side, vowels on the other. To get an idea about how the sounds are completely different, a cheat sheet for typing them in. Or another example, if I want to type the letter 원 (ueon), I press the following keys on a non dvorak keyboard: d, n, j, s.

I suppose the even larger problem will be learning Korean grammar. I’ve heard it is like Japanese. I know lots of Japanese vocabulary, but I still can’t put it together after all these years…

Update 2007/08/08: Korean can be input on the Mac phonetically (two different ways) in addition to the Korean typewriter layouts. Another win for the Mac…


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