The Late Late Show

By greenteapanda

August 6, 2007

Category: Entertainment

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Today I went to the taping of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It is a CBS show on at 12:35am. Besides being the first time seeing the guy, it was also the first time I was part of a live studio audience. I felt overdressed, though I was also not in the view of cameras showing the audience.

I actually enjoyed the bit where Paula Poundstone was the guest, since she was more hilarious than the host. However, I was impressed how Craig Ferguson did not seem to use any sort of notes to speak – so there was definitely a non rehearsed feel to the show. The most rehearsed part was the laughter and clapping. The people had to do it in a somewhat unified way. In the practice before, I particularly liked a joke:

Q: "What did one buttcheek say to the other buttcheek?"
A: "If we get together, we can stop this sh*t!"

If the people did not laugh, they were supposed to do a real-sounding laugh. There was also some fake clapping for certain segments that will be shown on breaks. Since we could not be seen, it was probably just as well. The ticket for the show noted that it wanted "upscale attire" and non white clothing, but both requests were ignored by the majority of people in the room. Then again, one can’t be surprised. TV ordinarily does not require active participation from the audience. The audience at the show was called "show enhancers."


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