New Places

By greenteapanda

August 5, 2007

Category: Travel

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I have spent a lot of time on the west coast of the USA before, but this trip, I have gone to a lot of places I haven’t previously visited. I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, went to Japantown in San Francisco, and visited some other Japanese places out of curiosity.

I had lunch at an awesome Lao restaurant in Fresno.

Today I went to Beverly Hills. I was with a friend shopping at Barney’s New York, and noted the extreme cost of most items. Until yesterday, I’d never seen a pair of shorts costing US$460, pairs of pants costing US$875, and dress shirts costing near US$300. I found a nice pair of jeans (I normally don’t like that type of clothing), but at US$360 per pair, I was in no hurry to buy those. Maybe when I get paid 100x what my work is worth, I can then afford to buy things that are 100x more than what they are worth. In case you wondered, no, the vast majority of those clothes were not made in the USA. Some were actually made in China.


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