Bridge Falling Down

By greenteapanda

August 3, 2007

Category: Transportation

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If I listen to the news here, I’d think that lots of people are afraid of bridges coming down because of what recently happened in Minnesota. It isn’t a new problem – when I was in Boston, the Big Dig took so many resources that there was no capability to repair bridges which were in at least as poor of shape. The problem was not that bridges being old, the problem was the lack of maintenance.

In China, bridges fall down as well, but often for other reasons than structural problems. The most recent up until I left was in Guangdong province. A barge overloaded with dirt was too tall. When it tried going under a highway bridge, it ended up being too tall, and took down the section of highway. As a result, shipping on that river was crippled, and now the government has taken up inspecting every barge to make sure it is not too heavy or large before it can travel.

I am wondering if that bridge was the reason I was delayed getting to Hong Kong when I left…


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