Best Man

By greenteapanda

July 23, 2007

Category: Games

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I served as Best Man at my best friend’s wedding. I had a humourous speech prepared, I had the tips mostly under control, and I helped things go smoothly. However, I was unaware that it should be me to direct the painting of things relating to "JUST MARRIED" on the bride and groom’s car.

After scouring the venue for appropriate materials, the job got done with dental floss, duct tape, deodorant (to write the JUST MARRIED and related things on the windows), and empty beer cans. I also got some people to flip the position of the car in the space so that the car would not need to be backed out, possibly running over the cans in the process.

The car was positioned not to run over cans, though that did not matter in the end. Dental floss seems to have low tensile strength – a string that had 10 cans attached lost 4 cans before even leaving the (small) parking lot. The one with 6 cans did better, but neither apparently lasted until the main road.


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