Prepaid mobile cards

By greenteapanda

July 21, 2007

Category: Travel


Using my HK mobile SIM in the US is really annoying. I can’t make outgoing calls. I can send SMS, but most people’s phones here are not configured correctly to send an international SMS back to me. I can receive incoming calls that cost me something like US$3 a minute. But I’d need a huge deposit to make things work correctly, or the chance to buy a T-Mobile or AT&T SIM card (which I have yet to have).


2 Responses to “Prepaid mobile cards”

  1. You can always try to go for a T-mobile prepaid phone, or some pharmacy\’s such as CVS or Duane Reade might have phones "off-the-shelf" or the pre-paid cards also work, though there is variability there.The best deal is ultimately to get a contract with ATT/Cingular or Verizon or whatnot (and in addition, complain to customer service constantly because they are likely to screw something up and/or overcharge).

  2. T-Mobile\’s prepaid card is US$90. Maybe better per minute than AT&T/Cingular, but I don\’t need that many minutes. It was annoying to have to wait several hours for the AT&T card to activate. Guess the problems with iPhone activation were not any different than what they normally have.
    Contract is useless in my situation – I am not here over a period of several months, so it doesn\’t save me any money. I just need a small amount of minutes to get by while I am here.

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