Greyhound Altercations

By greenteapanda

July 19, 2007

Category: Travel

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One of the highlights of the Greyhound bus is that things are not always smooth. The buses are sometimes late because of traffic – but that is no big deal. The cause of problems are often passengers they drink, against the USA federal regulations. One time when I rode from Boston to New York, the driver stopped the bus seven times before kicking a man and his son off the bus. They had been drinking and smoking, and the driver was not happy. The driver drew blood in one hit before calling the police on the pair.

Riding the Greyhound bus from Vancouver to Oakland, California, I somewhat expected some sort of altercation to occur. Vancouver and the stations in Washington and Oregon state were all in decent areas. However, Sacramento was a dive. They had security people checking bags for things. The bus driver refused boarding to some people who wouldn’t present ID.

It wasn’t long after the bus began rolling from Sacramento to Oakland before a white guy (probably drunk) started saying racial profanities to a black pregnant woman. The black pregnant woman made some comments in response. They began shouting, the bus stopped. The driver came to the back and asked for people’s stories. The driver asked the man if he would stop, and he gave a terse  full of anger. The driver kicked him off, and called the police. The bus had to wait for the police to come, while in the meantime the man stumbled across I-80 in a tipsy-turvy fashion.


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