Bye bye, camera

By greenteapanda

July 16, 2007

Category: Travel

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I was going to write about how I went to Yonghe Soymilk and took some pictures of new food that they have. I was going to talk about how I spent 50RMB on these new dishes, then realizing it was close to the 63RMB required for a VIP card, buy more things to cover the difference, only to find out it is done by computer at the register, and if they redo a bill of once of the things I already ordered, that will come out of the cashier’s pay. Nice that they trust them so much…

Anyhow, I took the Airport Express to the airport in Hong Kong today, and when I got off, realized I no longer had my camera with me. Most people would probably notice that their camera was missing right away. I went to the service desk, and the MTR searched the entire train twice. That meant I lost it at lunch before that. I made some calls, found the number of the Indian place I ate at, but they supposedly could not understand my English. More likely they are enjoying my beat-up camera. But I can’t speak Hindi to force their hand. At least I needed to buy a new camera anyway… it is only a matter of time before they realize the camera isn’t worth much because it often breaks down. It just means that now I will have to buy it earlier than planned (or borrow somebody else’s).

On the bright side, my luggage is now that little bit lighter…


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