Student Tickets in China

By greenteapanda

July 10, 2007

Category: Transportation

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I went to the normal place I’d buy train tickets, but they had a special sign I needed to go to the train station to buy such tickets. The train station is about 40km away. I went anyway, figuring it would be good exercise. When I got there, they had a line for students. They looked at my student book, and pointed out I did not have a page filled out with my Chinese hometown. I was kind of tempted to fill it in anyhow, but decided not to.

I made the right choice, as I bought bus tickets instead. Only 231RMB from Haikou to Hong Kong. That is the cheapest I have paid on the route, and cheaper than even the "student" discount train tickets would have been overall.

Other than the fact trains now run to Sanya as well as Haikou, I can’t see how the train system plans to improve itself here. I almost feel like they are pulling an Amtrak, so that 30 years down the road the trains will be decrepit pieces of machinery that nobody rides on.


One Response to “Student Tickets in China”

  1. Congratulations on the cheap tickets!

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