Service without a smile

By greenteapanda

July 8, 2007

Category: Food and drink


In China, many times I don’t receive service, but then again, I’m not paying for it. But when I am, I expect it.

I went to eat at 老杨家, a restaurant with northwestern Chinese food. Normally their food is quite good, and their service is reasonable. Today I spent 77RMB (over $10US), but their service was amongst the worst I experienced at a restaurant in China. Not only did they bring wrong dishes, dishes with meat (that I specifically requested be vegetarian), and did so slowly, they also did not care about the hot temperature in the restaurant. They did not have open windows (it being part of a respectable hotel), but they also did not use the air conditioning. After my friend and I requested they turn it on several times (and they refused), I tried to turn on the air conditioners myself. No power. They also claimed they did not have any fans, but I found a stash of 3 electric fans behind a table in the restaurant. I found a plug, and it happened to work. Apparently to the surprise of the service people, who either never bothered to look or like to outright lie to customers.

It realise it could be the boss ordering workers to do that, since the service people looked tired and at times took naps at open tables in the restaurant. In return, their salary is probably quite low, even by the standards of Hainan.


2 Responses to “Service without a smile”

  1. Ach! Lying and they got caught. That would be grounds for me to leave a much less tip than ordinary, but given that the workers seemed underpaid, maybe that would not be good to do either. Seems like a second visit to that establishment is not in the cards.

  2. Tipping is a western thing… in Japan, it is actually offensive to the staff to give them a tip. It is like saying their are too poor and too unable to make money on their own.

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