Panda Poetry

By greenteapanda

July 6, 2007

Category: Animals

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Though my finals are over, I still have a sheet of caligraphy to write. I might have done it today, but I am at a loss of what to actually write about. The caligraphy teacher did not specify. I thought of doing some poetry related to pandas. Should be easy to find in Chinese, yes? But the answer is no. Using baidu with "熊猫" (panda) and "诗" (poem), I got a whopping 4 pages of search results. Most of the 4 pages of results had the same panda poem posted on different websites. The poem is not only not very good, it is too long to fit on the scroll I have to write on.

Google was about the same in Chinese. In English, I got exponentially more results.

It doesn’t help that lately I had been practicing seal script, and a lot of my example seal script characters I took pictures of are on my failed hard disk. My other hard drive that I use as picture back up only intermittently mounts, and it has decided not to mount at all this week. So my ideas are going to have to fit within a set of seal script characters I have copies of. Seal script often looks significantly different than the standard traditional Chinese characters, so I can’t just guess.

As it is, without the pictures, I can’t even write my name in seal script… and I can assure you, I had a beautiful scroll with my name that I took a picture of! Grrrrr

Update: I found the following page, which has two seal script fonts: HYZhuanShuF and HYCuZhuanF. The fonts oddly use simplified Chinese encoding, though the actual characters that appear on screen are traditional. It is not quite the same seal script I had been practicing, but close enough.


One Response to “Panda Poetry”

  1. Poetry seems like a great way to get to know the language. I remember writing essays in "Advanced Japanese" which were probably nonsense. I was hung up on getting it right the first time, but that was not the point. In learning, mistakes are welcome…fortunately, I had a responsive teacher who could comment on the standard styles. When I was unsure I would make a 1-for-1 translation from my English thinking to Japanese text, which sounds weird to native speakers.

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