Another One Bites the Dust

By greenteapanda

July 3, 2007

Category: Computers and Internet

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A little over a year ago, I bought a Seagate hard disk to replace another hard disk that had died in this Samsung laptop. Today the laptop didn’t die, but the Seagate drive did. So much for their 5-year warranty. Luckily, I back up my data, and I have recovered the most important things. Unluckily, it is finals week, and recovering that data from other places takes up a lot of my time. Especially all the flashcards I made with vocabulary. Not to mention all the software that needs to be installed on another hard disk to be able to work with the files.

On the bright side, because I had to wait for Windows to install on another hard disk, I couldn’t procrastinate by going online or anything like that.


One Response to “Another One Bites the Dust”

  1. Agreed-not having a computer available at home does have its advantages…opens up time for other stuff.

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