Study balance

By greenteapanda

June 21, 2007

Category: Education

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This week a lot of my classmates have decided to forgo coming to class in order to focus on the upcoming HSK test this Sunday. Since I come to class, there is at least one person, so the curriculum moves forward. It means that next week, those people not coming will need to study hard for finals, the week after.

I personally see no reason to cut class to study for the HSK – even in my classes this week, I have come across many examples of Chinese that show up in mock tests in one of my HSK prep books. Besides, I am studying Chinese because I want to understand Chinese better, not because I want to get a particular score on a test.

A lot of people I meet are quite amazed when they find out I have studied as much Chinese as I have, and I have no particular plan to apply the language skills to a particular job. If I can, that is great. But I am not studying so that I can get a job. I would study other skills for that. I study because I am interested…


One Response to “Study balance”

  1. I agree. Being able to teach something entails mastery of the subject matter. This is why I find presenting (in person or on paper), even if no one reads it (like my blog, even though it is publicly available), to be a helpful process. In the 1st grade class, I frequently have the kids write on prompts such as "What would you do if you found a baby dinosaur."

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