Cable Cars Moving Too Fast

By greenteapanda

June 14, 2007

Category: Travel

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When I went on the Ngong Ping 360 last November, I found the experience to be very interesting. Not many riders, a sound system with very poor quality (giving me the impression of an ancient radio set), and it being dark and windy, it very much felt like a haunted house. I couldn’t see the pillars – and the way the cars swung, it felt very much like the cars might hit the pillars.

Apparently ridership is better on most days than the day I went, so the people who run the cable car system in Hong Kong decided to try running the system at its maximum speed, 7m/s (25km/h). Normal detachable cable cars aren’t cable of speeds over 21km/h (non detachable cars are forced to move slowly so that people can easily board/alight at stations). The high speed resulted in one of the cars crashing to the ground, and closure. Guess they aren’t into the haunted house/terror ride biz after all.


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