Safari for the PC

It seems that today, Apple released their Safari web browser for the PC. They have numerous speed tests on their website claiming Safari is even faster than Opera. With my computer overheating, Opera has become my browser of choice. It uses few resources, and loads in 2 seconds, even though I have underclocked my PC to 800MHz (originally 1.86GHz).

It is a beta, but based on my experience, "alpha" wouldn’t even begin to describe the low quality of this release. Slower and even buggier than Internet Explorer.

Quirks with the install on Windows (originally tried the install including QuickTime, but after that stopped working, used the installer not including QuickTime):

  • No choice not to install QuickTime with the combined version, which means I have to install QuickTime Alternative once again.
  • Installed QuickTime icons in the Quicklaunch toolbar and on the desktop
  • Oddly did not install a Safari icon in my Quicklaunch toolbar.
  • Reordered icons on my desktop. DO NOT MESS WITH MY ORGANISATION APPLE!!!
  • Only the Safari main window has rounded edges. The other windows (like the "About…" window have a rounded edge, but black to complete the rectangle).
  • The preference window has aqua widgets and looks exactly the same as the Mac OS X version, but the menus are arranged like a Mac OS 9 app (not a typical Windows app). For example, "Preferences" is in the Edit menu rather than being named "Options" in a "Tools" menu.
  • I am unable to enter text into text fields, like the URL bar, the Google search bar, etc. unless I have the input language set to English. It is normally a lot more convenient keystroke-wise to use the roman input with the Chinese input method than to use the English input method. If the computer is set to Chinese, I can delete what is already there, add punctuation, and I can paste text copied from another application.
  • After loading a few pages, I got an error: "Safari is missing important resources and should be reinstalled." I reinstalled, restarted, reinstalled, but I was no longer able to even view webpages in Safari. Resetting Safari and emptying the cache also did not help. I had to download the installer not including QuickTime. That installer couldn’t uninstall the including-QuickTime version of Safari.
  • Instead of putting the menubar at the top like on iTunes for Windows, it is set a whole line underneath, wasting screen space.
  • Unstable. I can repeatedly crash Safari by clicking on the bookmark icon on the left side, under the URL bar.

No big loss because:

As for the claims of speed, it doesn’t seem to go with what I experienced. Here Opera opens in 2 seconds. Safari took 24 seconds. The Apple start page took 5 minutes to display. Though it is a pain to test other pages, I tried using the website, since it loads within 2-3 seconds in both Opera and Firefox. Safari took more than a minute before I bothered to quit keeping track. With Safari, I feel like I am reliving China’s post Taiwan earthquake slowness when loading websites, but furthermore the same slowness applies to websites within China.

On the other hand, their claims about Safari being secure must be true. If I can’t connect to any websites with it in a reasonably short half-life, I doubt they can connect to me to do malicious things.


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