Hainan Natto

By greenteapanda

June 10, 2007

Category: Food and drink

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There is a Japanese restaurant on the island I am on, though until today, I hadn’t eaten there. Nor had many of my friends. This was not because we didn’t try – many times it is not open for any particular reason, so when friends have tried to go, it was closed.
Today I went, and got some natto. I also got some salad with a large amount of will-survive-nuclear-war mayonaise, just like I could get when I was in Japan. The curry was completely un-spicy, as one also can get in Japan. Not surprisingly, the chef comes from a place pretty close to where I had lived in Japan.
The inside of the restaurant was different than other restaurants around here, but I can’t say it looked Japanese. It had a lot of Japanese art, but lthe table wasn’t Japanese in appearance (it seemed to be plywood, painted deep red), the chairs were more of a fancy Chinese type, there wasn’t tatami, doors to private rooms used regular glass rather than rice paper, etc. I appreciated the fact that it was different, that it was something of a cross between Japanese and Chinese, since the food ended up being a cross as well.
The tea was Oolong tea, not Japanese green tea. At the end of the meal, we were given red bean soup. Something typical in Hainan homes, but something I can’t ever recall having eaten in Japan.

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