Too Old to have a Criminal Record.

By greenteapanda

June 6, 2007

Category: Games

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It was thought by certain people that the best time to break certain laws is when they are not yet of legal age. That way, whatever they get caught with will not go on their permanent record. Unless it is something society really disapproves of, like murder.  Once you turn 18, everything thereafter will go onto the record that is against the law.

Or so I was led to believe. As it turns out, being over 18 doesn’t mean one can’t break the law and not have it go on their record. Just as their is opportunity for one to break minor laws under 18, the same opportunity exists under 100. At least for California…

From: (expand question 6)

The record retention policy of the Department is to maintain criminal history information until the subject of the record reaches 100 years of age.

It seems that you could commit a bunch of non-serious offenses at the age of 99, and poof, it will disappear at the age of 100. It isn’t clear to me what would happen if you commit offenses after the age of 100, but maybe by then, they think a criminal record wouldn’t be relevant. You could just say you are too old and frail for prison, even if you are still truly young at heart.


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