By greenteapanda

May 28, 2007

Category: Education

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As the date for the next HSK draws near (as well as my near-term departure from China), I have to decide if I want to sit the test or not. On the one hand, it would be nice to know where my Chinese level stands. On the other hand, my level is definitely not yet where I want it to be. I told my HSK teacher about this today, and she thought I would be able to hit my target score of level 6 this time around.

Given that I want to eventually help the panda, it is interesting to note that if one achieves a 3 on the HSK, it is good enough to enter University with the goal of getting an engineering degree. However, even at my level, I think I would be quite lost if I attempted to do so right now. While I have learned a lot, there seems to be a lot more to learn.

Until I am able to achieve a 10 or 11 on the HSK (the highest level is 11), I won’t be satisfied. But I suppose I should take the test to keep the pressure on.


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