Ballpoint pens

By greenteapanda

May 24, 2007

Category: Living


I have talked about my troubles with pens drying up in China, well before all the ink has been used up.

To my surprise, I recently used a pen that seemed to have the same problem. But all the sudden, the same pen seemed to put a splotch of ink wherever I began writing. Too much ink was coming out. I cleaned off the tip, and only then realized that the pen no longer had a tip. Somehow, the ball in that particular ball point pen went to some other place.

Still not perfect, but at least I can continue writing until the ink is used up.


2 Responses to “Ballpoint pens”

  1. A good pen is definately handy. They are needed in the oddest times too. The one I carry in my shoulder bag, which is made in Japan, was $1 from the art supply shop, and glides easily on the surface with no or minimal downward force.  

  2. That is just because you haven\’t written on Chinese paper. When I am in Taiwan, I go out of my way to get the good Japanese-made pens. But Chinese paper tends to kill them just as quickly as Chinese paper kills Chinese-made pens. I do like how the Japanese pens come in a large variety of colours, ball sizes, and outer-casing styles.

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