Trix 鮮奇果然多

By greenteapanda

May 23, 2007

Category: Food and drink


In the absence of vitamins I can trust, I have begun to eat breakfast cereals that are fortified with vitamins. Not as many vitamins as in the west, but it is still better than nothing. Also, every cereal seems to be fortified to the same level of vitamins and minerals, except for zinc (which varies depending on the type of cereal).

I never was a big fan of Trix when I was a kid, but since it has the same amount of vitamins as the other cereals, and since it lists one of the ingredients as concentrated apple juice, I decided to buy some.

The flavour is definitely better than the "healthy" cereals also sold by Nestle, even though the nutritional content is about the same. In fact, Trix is probably better since it contains apple juice and does not contain any milk products.


2 Responses to “Trix 鮮奇果然多”

  1. That is good to know. I need to read the actual nutritional contents more often, instead of assuming that Muesli is healthier than say "Pops" or "Corn Flakes", which is what I usually have for breakfast anyhow.

  2. This is just in China, for other countries cereal may or may not have the same nutritional value. But I\’d be interested to hear if it is the same sort of thing in the USA. I wonder if their is some rule about how much cereal can be fortified in China.

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