Hot and humid

By greenteapanda

May 22, 2007

Category: Living


The weather is finally what I would expect it to be on a tropical island. It is hot, but comfortable if I let a draft flow through my windows. The comfortable temperatures also mean I actually wake up naturally and fully in the morning, without the need for an alarm.


2 Responses to “Hot and humid”

  1. Good point about waking up naturally in temperate weather. Now that the temperature is warm at this end, which is in the 90\’s F (32\’s C) I could keep the windows open during sleep, allowing better air quality.

  2. Hopefully, the temperature occurs without a gazillion mosquitos entering your room as well. Then again, Chinese residences don\’t seem to put screens on windows, for the most part. If they did, mosquitos might be less of a problem.

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