Lay’s Potato Crisps

By greenteapanda

May 9, 2007

Category: Food and drink

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While my normal choice of potato crisps available anywhere would be Pringles, I am impressed by the environmental track record of Lay’s in China. In order to get a stable supply of potatoes, they used land that had become desert. Over a period of several years, they grew trees and bushes to cut down on wind and dust, and also improved the soil so that potatoes could be grown.

While the story of their potatoes is impressive, they still lag behind Pringles in a very important way – packaging. Though Pringles has degraded itself and begun offering crisps in bags, Lay’s has done the opposite in China. They have bags, but also sell cylinders filled with crisps. A Pringle’s "can" only has crisps inside. Sometimes they are broken because of shipping, but that is not a big problem. Lay’s, for some reason, has decided to insert a plastic tray inside the cylinder. Rather than protecting the crisps or making it easy to slide out the stack of crisps, it just creates a mess. The broken bits of potato crisps get stuck between the the tray and the walls of the cylinder, making it difficult to pull out. The fact that the tray is fairly thick also ensures that all the crisps are at least partially damaged.

So, I will continue to buy Pringles (and hope for the return of my beloved Crispy Curry flavour). Some Pringles ads:
1984 Pringles School Ad
1992 Pringles Rap Ad


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