Background checks

By greenteapanda

May 8, 2007

Category: Living

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I have begun searching for jobs, and unsurprisingly, some of those jobs require background checks. What is surprising, at least to me, is the fact that some of these jobs expect me to get the background check. Some of these jobs are even run by governments that would seem to have the authority to check my criminal record for free because of agreements with other law enforcement agencies.

If I get the background check myself, I would need to go to the police station in my hometown. Not anywhere close to here… Though there are supposedly sites online that offer background checks (for a price), these are based on public court records and often lack other pertinent information. It would in fact be illegal for such sites to pull up the actual criminal record without my authorisation in writing.

If one were a criminal, it seems that they would simply fake their own background check to show no record. It seems that people who haven’t done anything criminal, but aren’t particularly patient would also fake the background check by typing up a document.


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