Floating nuclear power

By greenteapanda

April 21, 2007

Category: Living


An interesting idea – create floating nuclear power plants. Besides creating energy without spewing pollutants into the air, it can also desalinate water. Given that many places around the world need both energy and clean water. I wouldn’t be surprised if China put such a plant to use. I have heard about them building many nuclear plants, but given how many times I have experienced power outages, whatever has been built so far hasn’t been enough.

Seems like Australia could use such a plant right now.

I’d wonder what the regulatory hurdles would be to use it in Southern California. Given that there is not enough water, desalinating the ocean water and getting power at the same time would seem to be quite a good idea.

Even better would be if they could do it with fusion. Though I’d guess that type of power would cost quite a bit more, especially to create a floating plant.


2 Responses to “Floating nuclear power”

  1. Speaking of Australia, have you heard of the gun control in Australia that really works? I guess it is being cited for that, especially now.

  2. The big thing is that for buying guns, the states in the USA mostly do not have anything regarding mental condition. Though that in itself is something that could be very debatable. If those laws were in place, the Virginia Tech killer would have had to procure his stuff at gun shows.It is not clear to me the outcome would have been much different in Australia – they too have had school shootings (just not as many people dead as there were at Virginia Tech recently).

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