Three on a bike

By greenteapanda

April 20, 2007

Category: Transportation


I found it interesting in Japan to see bikes with a mother and sometimes 3 or 4 children riding on the same bike. In China, I often also see people taking passengers on their bicycles. But until today, the most I ever took was one passenger. Today I took two – both fully grown adults, and by Hainan standards, taller than average.

Still, I have seen an entire football (aka soccer) team riding on a single motorbike. besides having a lot of people on the seat and luggage rack, they also held people over their heads to do that. If somebody could do that with a regular, non motorised bicycle, I’d be quite impressed.


2 Responses to “Three on a bike”

  1. The other day I passed by a place called "Trike Motor Club" which is one of those motorcycle social places. Apparently, in the States, there are many cops who are a part of these clubs (maybe Hell\’s Angels too…who knows).

  2. Let me know when you see an entire police squad piled on top of one Harley, then I will be impressed 🙂

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