Flat tyre 轮胎破了

By greenteapanda

April 15, 2007

Category: Transportation

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Today I went on a bike trip with somebody from the bike club. Not very far, just to the train station that is supposedly in Haikou. Before I left, I noticed that my tyre was very soft, so I inflated it. After getting to the train station, the tyre again was soft. I inflated it again. Maybe 500 meters later, I was having difficulty steering. The tire once again was deflated. In the middle of nowhere. I looked carefully, and noticed a tack that was in the tire. I pulled it out, to the horror of my companion.
"If you leave the tack in, it won’t deflate as quickly! Put it back in!"
Given that the hole was big enough that it couldn’t hold air for 500 meters, I didn’t think it made a difference. I’d have to reinflate my tyre 60 times to get back to my starting point – that is, if the air would last 500 meters each and every time. The road gets bumpier inside of the city zone of Haikou.
It happened that I forgot my patch kit at home. It was getting dark, and too late to take the bus back. At least any buses did not seem to come along. Luckily, I got picked up by a farm tractor. Though the signs said that type of vehicle was not allowed on the road, it acted as the bus and squeezed in more and more passengers around my bike and that of my companion.
At the final stop, there was a motorcycle shop that had a person that could repair my tyre. But for next time, I have placed the patch kit into my bag.

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